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Security Officer Mercedes Taylor

January 11, 2022

Meet Security Officer Mercedes Taylor.

She worked hard to urge Harris County to form one of the first Essential Worker Boards in the country so that workers have a seat at the table when discussing safety concerns.

Officer Taylor is a ​​68-year-old mother of four. She knows what it is like to struggle with a low-paying job. To pay the rent, she has often had to work 2 jobs and was homeless for a while, till she could save up to get an apartment.

Today she protects the Airport, monitoring passengers and the TSA check point.
Her work responsibilities have only increased since COVID began.

She urged Harris County to vote yes on forming an Essential Workers Board because she thinks it is important to have people who were most impacted during the pandemic have a seat at the table when discussing worker safety concerns.

β€œThe commissioners have an opportunity to give power to my voice. As a frontline worker I see firsthand the devastation that COVID has brought to my co-workers and their families. I see firsthand what happens when workers are cheated out of their wages, when safety precautions are not followed, or the right ones are not in place. This board will be a great step toward making workplaces safer and more fair.”