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It’s Heating Up as Security Officers Rally at First Security Sites throughout San Jose

June 30, 2017

Earlier this month hundreds of security officers and janitors held multiple rallies in front of low-road security contractor First Security--a private company based in Northern California.

FS photo

Officers say First Security is a contractor with a host of workplace issues, including paying substandard wages and overall lack of respect for workers’ rights.

“I’m out here today because irresponsible security companies bring everyone down. When you pay workers low wages, when you treat people badly, it affects all officers and the people we protect. We just formed our union out here to improve standards. And we want ALL companies to rise to that occasion,” said Officer Elizabeth Valdivia

The actions hope to encourage property owners to use responsible security contractors that pay workers fair wages and offer affordable quality healthcare, which will allow employees to live and raise families in the costly San Jose area.