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Portland security officers ratify new union contract to improve wages and secure healthcare coverage for hundreds of officers

March 20, 2017

Voting “Yes!” overwhelmingly, Portland security officers have won a new four-year contract that provides higher wages, better healthcare, more safety, and more job security to hundreds of Oregon workers.


“I’m really proud of our union and our contract. In these tough times, sticking together to win pay raises, healthcare gains and safety language makes a huge difference in our lives,” says Pam Louie, a Portland security bike patrol officer and member of the Local 49 bargaining team

Over the life of the contract, many officers will now see a raise of $1.80 per hour and increases to the minimum base rate for entry-level workers. The officers also secured healthcare coverage in SEIU Local 49’s Health & Welfare Trust—including adding new vision coverage—with NO cost increases over next four years. They won an increase in the number of Paid Time Off days, better training, and more effective maintenance of safety gear. Job security has been strengthened too. Transfers of officers requested by clients will now have to be approved by a senior level manager.

“I joined the bargaining team because officers deserve to be treated with respect. And I was going to fight tooth and nail with the companies to make sure our contract reflects that,” says Officer Louie. “We got it done and I’m proud of everything we won.”

Yes, indeed. There is power in a union.