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Minnesota arts collective teams up with security officers, janitors

February 6, 2013

Members of Art works at the eventSEIU Local 26 teamed up with the artists collective Rogue Citizen, who are members of SEIU Local 26, to organize an art, music and fundraising event in Minneapolis last Saturday. Rogue Citizen has been working together with the janitors and security officers of the Minnesota local, who are negotiating a new contract that will improve 6,000 jobs in the city. The subcontracted workers protect and clean buildings downtown - at wealthy and powerful corporations such as Wells Fargo, Target and US Bank. At the moment employers are demanding deep cuts in pay, healthcare, sick days, and vacation days.

The event featured local artists such as Dwitt, Matt McGorry, Ta-coumba Aiken and Ricardo Morales Levins, as well as musicians, Sean Anonymous, MankweNdosi and SEIU Local 26 members Mark Kreazy and J Brown with Raising the Bar. Headlining the musical acts was locally based musician Toki Wright. Wright, said: "SEIU Local 26 is fighting to win better wages and benefits for janitors and security officers. "My father is a janitor so I personally know how important these jobs are. Giant corporations in Minnesota are getting rich paying these workers low wages with bad benefits. I know we can work together to change that." Check these images from the event. Lizardman UNLOCK MN Republica Popular - McGorry Dalsen Exit Metropolis