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Emory Hall: "With a union you don't fight alone."

November 19, 2010

G4S Security officer Emory Hall has been a member of SEIU Local 26 since September 3, 2010, when Emory and his co-workers won union representation.

Now he's assisting suburban security officers fighting for representation and a strong union.

"I like my job and I like being a union member," he says. "When people join together, they're stronger than they are by themselves."

"And because SEIU is a large national union, we have more power in case we need to speak out," the native of East Chicago, Indiana, adds.

That power in numbers helped gain paid holidays, significant wage increases, a guaranteed annual raise for the life of the contract and a reduction in health care insurance costs.

"For any suburban officers who are thinking about joining the union, I don't see any downside for them. In fact, it's all positive," Emory said. The experience has been so positive that Emory has put in to become a union shop steward in order to be the union's frontline in his work site.