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Harrison Bullard: "We won job protection, even when security companies change."

October 18, 2010

"I've worked for non-union companies," security officer and SEIU Local 26 member Harrison Bullard says, "and they were... okay. But there was always some favoritism and repercussions if you spoke up about issues in the workplace."

"With a union, you will have a voice," Harrison adds. "Suburban officers should know that with a union, you will be heard."

As a member of the bargaining committee during the last round of contract talks, Harrison and other security officers fought for higher wages, affordable healthcare, paid sick leave and job protection when work sites change security companies.

"We won an opportunity to stay at your post when the companies change. Just because the companies change, doesn't mean you have to change," Harrison said. "You still remain at the same post under the union contract due to the fact that the company lost the contract -- you didn't lose the contract."

"The only thing we have to change is our uniform," Harrison added.